YZGHANE, Inspired by Moroccan souks is a journey to the heart of the Moroccan souks.

YZGHNAE is inspired by the name of a city in southern Morocco, not far from Agadir and the Atlantic Ocean. This place is known for its “Berber Souk”. The souks reflect the Soul of Morocco. Discovering YZGHANE candles means diving into the magic of the country’s senses.

YZGHANE reconciles Western and Eastern cultures, Swiss perfection and respect for Moroccan traditions and know-how. These handmade candles, respectful of man and the environment, are designed and packaged in Switzerland.

YZGHANE offers handmade candles in 100% natural vegetable wax. Hand-stitched, the vegan-friendly wrapping around the candle is made of a high quality textile material, resulting in an “artificial” leather that perfectly imitates “leather”.

YZGHANE candles are part of a social project with a protected centre for people with disabilities so that they can take their full place in society.